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Unlock Your Potential: A Portfolio Website with Our Template Makes You Stand Out!

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Ayomide Williams

How to Get Started

To get started you have to get your portfolio website up and running, firstly select a domain name for your portfolio, like ans add it to cart. For example, or If you choose .com, it comes at a higher cost without extra advantages in this case.

Next Step: Web Hosting

Next is web hosting, paid monthly. The basic plan is enough. Paying upfront for months or a year is recommended. Zeronoon is reliable with 99.99% uptime and ample resources. The cost? Just $0.99/month to start. That's ₦990 monthly, given $1 = ₦1,000. A domain name like reserves your space, while web hosting stores your website's files and data.

Next Step: Checkout/Payment

After you click the "Checkout" button, you will the nbe directed to the checkout page where you can add the coupon code "Newlevels" and the order total will now be updated to $1.99 which is ₦1,992, and don't worry, Zeronoon allows you to pay in naira by bank transfer or card which enables seamless payment for you.

After completing the checkout and payment process, your website will go live. All that's left is to import the template we'll provide after your order, and add your information (don't worry, we'll include a detailed guide). By this point, Google will have indexed your site, opening the door to both local and international opportunities.

But that's not the end of it. We'll also keep you updated on where to share your website link with potential employers once your site is live. Say goodbye to job hunting and let the opportunities come to you!

That's all for now, but we'll stay in touch through email.

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